The Manston door can create both a laid back, contemporary fitted kitchen through the matt doors, and a more prominent, ornate look with gloss and metallic options.

Origin - Manston

The matt finish is very practical, shunning finger marks and stains to retain its rich, uniform colour and silky touch. 

The exclusive, gloss metallic shades create a truly opulent kitchen which will become the topic of conversation between family, friends and anyone else lucky enough to lay their eyes on it. All doors can be made to your exact specifications, handing you complete design freedom.

Colour Palette




Light Grey

Dust Grey


Metallic Anthracite

Metallic Champagne

Metallic Blue





A bespoke kitchen can be easily created with the Manston door, enabling a unique, made-to-measure design that fits snugly into your home.
  1. Metallic Colours - With three metallic gloss shades offered, an opulent, luxurious kitchen can be designed.

  2. Made-to-Measure - This door style offers endless opportunities with its Made-To-Measure design, allowing the kitchen to meld into even the most unusual of spaces.

  3. 38mm Panels - 38mm panels are available in every Manston door, bar Metallic Blue. The thicker panels can work to create a frame effect and offer a substantial overall look.

  4. Combine with Other Slabs - Due to the simplicity of the slab design, Manston can easily be combined with other door styles such as Linden, Bellever or Croyde. This opens design options as woodgrains and bright colours can easily be introduced.


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