Linden Stone and Manston Doors

Linden Stone

The classic Linden door is introducing a new addition to the household. The dark horse of the family is being unveiled in the form of Stone. Moody, industrial and with a slightly more masculine tone than the usual Linden colours, this style brings about an urban and exposed feel we haven’t explored before.

Available in Ceramic Anthracite, Boston Concrete, Light Atelier and Dark Atelier these colours are easily complemented, either by playing on dark undertones or stripping back with washed out, paler finishes.

To complete the utilitarian style of this kitchen, the Linden Stone is a slab door. This serviceable door is fuss free and durable, reminiscent of the natural material it emulates.


While not a newcomer to the Quantum range, the Manston door is having an upgrade.

The ever-popular metallic finish is staying put, however, we have revamped the gloss range, replacing some existing shades and introducing new colours.

While we love the updated gloss range, the biggest drawcard for us are the new matt doors that’ve been added to the collection. Increasingly popular, this finish is silky and subtle. The difficult decider will now be choosing which texture to kit your kitchen out with. Of course, if you can’t pick there is always the option of combining both gloss and matt doors.

Both the Manston gloss and matt finishes are extremely durable and mark resistant. In addition to this, the Manston is a slab door, the ultimate in durability and versatility.

When deciding which finish you’d like your Manston kitchen in, we recommend including in your equation what you are going to use your kitchen for. If you are building a family kitchen the matt finish may meet your needs more effectively as it has a velvety texture and is finger-print resistant. Whereas, if you are installing a kitchen in a small area, the gloss may be the better choice as it is highly reflective and generates a depth which creates a perception of a larger space.

For more information about these ranges please get in touch with your local Quantum dealer.


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