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We’re passionate about
high quality, beautiful kitchens that are made to last.

We have the perfect living space for you

Origin is a beautiful, eclectic range of kitchens, covering modern, handleless styles through to traditional shaker. Each style has its own individual appeal, however blending different door styles can a create truly unique kitchen, specific to your taste.

The Aluma true handleless look is created using a custom range of kitchen cabinets; Engineered to accept a range of rails that act as a recess allowing stunning clean linear designs without the clutter and interruption that a handle can sometimes add.

Handcrafted and intricately detailed, these kitchens gain strength of character with age. Every touch, every small detail and addition involves a measured consideration.  With several styles in the collection, a wide spectrum is offered, from traditional, to maintain an idyllic, classical design, right through to contemporary, for a modern quirky and defining space.

A place of retreat, Sanctuary bedrooms are created by Quantum with the care and detail necessary to form a haven, a safe place.
For the one room in the home that is unquestioningly yours, there are enough choices included 
to design a space that you can
fall in love with. 

All our kitchens are built with over 44 years of industry experience


Quantum is backed by over 44 years of manufacturing experience. Quantum's highly respected CEO grew up around the business and many of our highly skilled employees have been with the company for more than 15 years.


Each Quantum kitchen is made to order, using a combination of state of the art machinery and good old fashioned craftsmanship, ensuring both precision and exceptional quality. Each cabinet is hand-assembled by a team of skilled craftsmen before undergoing rigorous quality checks. 

Let us inspire you

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25 Year Guarantee
on all kitchens


Terms & Conditions apply.

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