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Door Styles


The Origin collection is designed to include an eclectic range of kitchen styles so there is something for everyone. With a versatile collection of kitchen doors within this collection, there is the opportunity to create modern kitchens right through to traditional designs, and everything in-between.


Origin Kitchens


Origin is a beautiful, eclectic range of kitchens,  covering modern, handleless profiles through to traditional shaker doors. With a wide range of styles, designs and finishes available, you can opt for a unique blend of doors to create a truly unique kitchen.


Kitchen Inspiration

If you’re looking for more kitchen inspiration, we have mood boards, real kitchens and blogs to help provide you with ideas.

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New Kitchen Colours

To keep up with evolving kitchen trends, new decors have been added to both the Origin and Aluma collections. These new kitchen colours and styles have been explored in detail to provide ideas on how to integrate these designs into the home.

Kitchen Handles


Handles significantly impact the ambience of the kitchen and influence the direction of the design. We have curated an extensive collection of kitchen handles so there are suitable styles for each theme and kitchen style.

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Real Kitchens


If you’d like to see the Quantum collection actualised in real homes and included in a household setting, there are a wide selection of completed real kitchens available for perusal below.