Kitchen Storage


As every household has varying needs there are multiple storage solutions available, so your kitchen is integrated flawlessly into the entire family's routine. 

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Drinks Storage

Elegance Bar

Every detail in an Elegance bar cabinet is carefully considered and measured, with the customer in control of each detail, creating utterly bespoke cabinets. As the internals are completely customisable, this bar storage is perfect for anyone, from an avid entertainer, right through to a collector who is simply looking for an unassuming wine cabinet.

Integrated Bars​

Integrated bars are the perfect addition for any home, providing a dignified presence and the perfect point to gather around when entertaining. Designs such as these provide the option for additional storage and allow for more spaces to display memorabilia and ornaments.

Home Bars

​Home bars are the perfect addition to any house. Inclusions such as these are ideal if you're looking to add a social element to your kitchen and can be very simple in design. With open shelving and cabinetry specifically set aside for the bar area, this design is an elegant addition. Thre are more ways than this, however to incorporate a bar into your home. So, no matter the style or layout of your kitchen or living space, a design can be created to suit you. 

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Pantries & Dressers

Pantry Cupboard

With numerous options available, Quantum pantry cabinets are completely personalised right down to the engravings on drawers. Countless options and configurations are available, from built-in glass holders to integrated trays and chopping boards, ensuring your kitchen pantry is just that, yours.

Pantry Rooms

Your kitchen doesn't have to be confined to just one room. Every home is unique, and no matter your space or your needs, you can create a bespoke design perfect for your house. If your traditional kitchen space is too small, and you have room to accommodate, you can prioritise your kitchen space and create a utility or practical pantry room for items you can't or do not want on display in your kitchen.

Dresser Units

Dresser units are the perfect addition, with their subtle integration, which melds effortlessly in with the remainder of the cabinets. Designed on an individualised basis, our dresser units have no one purpose, it is up to you how it will be used. 

Accessory Units