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The Quantum collections have been formulated to simplify the process of buying kitchens and bedrooms. Each collection was developed to ensure there are a wide range of styles, colours and finishes to select, without being overwhelmed with choice.

Green Shaker Kitchen

Origin Kitchens


Origin is a beautiful, eclectic range of kitchens,  covering modern, handleless profiles through to traditional shaker doors. With a wide range of styles, designs and finishes available, you can opt for a unique blend of doors to create a truly unique kitchen. This collection is incredibly versatile, extending itself beyond the kitchen and into living areas. From open, floating cabinets to bench seating, you can cultivate the entirety of your home to suit your taste.  

Grey True Handleless Kitchen

Aluma Kitchens


Aluma is a sleek, modern range of kitchens, with each style selected to provide a comprehensive collection of contemporary styles. This range of True Handleless kitchens offer both the sleek, linear look of ultra-modern designs and quirkier, contemporary takes on traditional styles. Each cabinet within this range is bespoke; engineered to accept rails that act as a recess, resulting in seamless designs.

Grey and Purple In-Frame Kitchen

Elegance Kitchens


Elegance consists of in-frame style kitchens that are enduring in beauty and exquisite quality. Handcrafted and intricately detailed, these kitchens gain strength of character with age. Every touch, every small detail and addition involves a measured consideration. With several styles in the collection, a wide spectrum is offered, from traditional, to maintain an idyllic, classical design, right through to contemporary, for a modern, quirky and defining space. While the range is diverse, with the ability to create both conservative and delightfully eccentric décors, they are nonetheless all exceptionally designed and made.

Grey Bedroom Wardrobe

Sanctuary Bedrooms


A place of retreat, Sanctuary bedrooms are created by Quantum with the care and detail necessary to form a haven, a safe place. For the one room in the home that is unquestioningly yours, there are enough choices included to design a space that you can fall in love with.

Whether you’d like to mould your bedroom cabinets to the room using natural alcoves and nooks or create a more structured look by opting for a free-standing wardrobe, a solution can be created to suit both your home and design preferences.

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