Interested in becoming
a Quantum Studio Partner?

Here are 5 reasons why you should make the Quantum leap…

Supported on all major CAD

Our Quantum range is configured to work with EQ, Compusoft, Fusion and ArtiCAD and our own industry-leading online ordering platform.

size cabinets in over 40 colours 

All units are available as specials allowing you complete freedom to design kitchens that are unique and bespoke, setting your designs apart from the competition. Our broad range of stocked carcase colours give you freedom and choice when designing kitchens for your customers.

Deliveries direct to site or showroom

We offer flexible delivery options to site or to your own warehouse. Our vehicles are left plain and our drivers wear our discreet Quantum polo shirts.

48 hour remedial promise

We accept damages can occur, but to reduce the impact of these occurrences we stock a large number of replacement parts and pledge to rectify damages/ errors in 48 hours.

Attractive and flexible start up packages

We have put together a competitive display offer, rewarding customers who commit to the Quantum range in their showroom. Our flexible offer allows you to become a Quantum partner with minimal outlay.

We are now recruiting new studio partners. Make the leap and contact us today.
Linden Platinum Grange Oak & Taupe Grey
Our Story


In 2012 System Six Kitchens launched our exclusive Quantum range. Taking count of everything that we have learnt about manufacturing kitchens over the last 44 years we've realised that sometimes you can have to much choice.  In essence, we formulated the Quantum brand to simplify the process of buying kitchen and bedrooms. When selecting doors for the Quantum range, we were careful to consider the quality of the products, the variety of colours and finishes, the service we receive from our suppliers and value for money. We believe we've got the mix just right. 

Our stunning brochures showcase the Quantum range and allow customers to understand the diverse yet manageable range of kitchens and bedrooms. Our dedicated website allow customers to browse the range and find finishing touches such as handles, lighting and wirework.