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Elegance consists of in-frame style kitchens that are enduring in beauty and exquisite quality.

The Classic Collection

Handcrafted and intricately detailed, these kitchens gain strength of character with age. Every touch, every small detail and addition involves a measured consideration. With several styles in the collection, a wide spectrum is offered, from traditional, to maintain an idyllic, classical design, right through to contemporary, for a modern quirky and defining space. 

Saltram In-Frame Kitchen
Tamworth In-Frame Kitchen
Luscombe In-Frame Kitchen
Rougemont In-Frame Kitchen
Powderham In-Frame Kitchen
Bampton In-Frame Kitchen
Osbourne In-Frame Kitchen
Quantum Kitchens Built in Devon

British Made

Hemmed in by the Jurassic coastline and surrounded by the gently rolling hills of Devon, Quantum kitchens are assembled. Endless inspiration is found in the stunning landscapes of the South-West, from the pebbled beaches and quaint seaside towns to the wild and achingly beautiful moors. With such bountiful natural beauty, it is not surprising this is the perfect setting to build kitchens with such a crafted and delicate composition. 

Be Inspired By

A kitchen that allows for an earthy organic space to create and inspire is perfect for a seaside refuge. For an expressive personal touch, colour inspired by a boat lined shore could be included through the Colour Match Service or alternatively, inspiration could be sourced straight from the depths of the ocean with Marine and Porcelain. 

Quantum Kitchen Handle Collection


A harmonious match can be the only way to describe the relationship between the elegance range and the handles that complete it. The rich textures, strong colours and unique shapes all work towards creating a poised, finished design. 


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