Bampton Kitchen with Belfast Sink

A humble design, Bampton is kept reserved and contained, avoiding an overly elaborate appearance with careful colour choices.


Bampton Kitchen with Range Cooker

Bampton’s smart and crisp stature sits comfortably in any space. With such an elegant composition, a contemporary ambience can be created through choice accessories such as metro tiles and statement light fixings. 

By including traditional touches throughout the design, this ensures the kitchen retains character. Belfast sinks and pastry benches are both unassumingly simple and unobtrusive options. Accessories such as these ensure the kitchen has a warm, homely touch, especially with the few oak details intermingled throughout. 

Bampton Kitchen with Kitchen Island

The Finer Details

A humble design, Bampton is kept reserved and contained, avoiding an overly elaborate appearance with careful colour choices. Due to the large space and light room, a dark colour can easily be incorporated. This, alongside the understated accessories, ensures the overall effect is dignified.
Eloquent in its simplicity, Bampton offers a look that is diverse enough to sit in a range of environments, no matter the age, style or taste displayed within the home.

Bampton Kitchen Door
Bampton Kitchen Door Close-Up
Bampton Kitchen in Lava


Double Chamfer

A chamfer is included on both the edges of the frame surrounding the door and on the outer edge of the frame. This chamfer softens the lines of the frame through its gently sloped edges.

Door Style:

Plain Shaker

A classic shaker door, Bampton is understated and versatile, sitting comfortably in any space.



Pictured here in Lava, Bampton is available in the 27 shades of our colour palette, or alternatively can be colour matched to any hue you desire.

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Elegant Storage

We believe what's inside is just as important as the exterior, which is why we've made sure all storage options are as beautiful as they are functional. As every household has varying needs there are multiple storage solutions available, so your kitchen is integrated flawlessly
into the entire family's routine.

Dove Tail Drawer Boxes
Coffee Centre Dresser Unit
Full Height Oak Pantry Unit

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Each Elegance kitchen can feature dovetail drawer boxes. Every drawer box is constructed from solid timber, interlaced using dovetail joints. With the option of oak or walnut, the interior of each drawer is crafted and intricate.

Coffee Centre Unit

The usual frantic morning rush is forgotten with the introduction of this organised hub. Sleepy starts can be reimagined with a dresser designed to house all your favourite blends, a coffee machine and your favourite mugs.

Full Height Oak Pantry

With numerous options available, Quantum pantry cabinets are completely personalised right down to the engravings on drawers. Countless options and configurations are available, from built in glass holders to integrated trays and chopping boards, ensuring your kitchen pantry is just that, yours.

Custom Drinks Cabinet
Pastry Bench
Barrel Kitchen Unit

Drinks Cabinet

Calculated, cultivated beauty constitutes each element in the Elegance range. With this in mind, every detail in an Elegance bar cabinet is carefully considered and measured, with the individual in control of each detail, creating utterly bespoke cabinets.

Pastry Bench

Pastry benches are elegant additions, available free-standing or incorporated as an extension of an island. The additional storage space and the increased surface area is a valuable asset in any kitchen space.

Pull-out Chopping Boards

Available with bespoke engraving, pull-out chopping boards are the perfect solution for reducing clutter and creating a beautiful feature. With oak provided as standard, you can go even further and specifically request rich walnut.

Elegance Colour Palette