Saltram Kitchen with Island

Saltram is relaxed in its design with beading surrounding the centre panel of the shaker door, creating a laid-back haven.


Saltram Kitchen Island

Saltram is perfect for open and slightly rambling designs, situated in homes where the scent of the seaside is eternally present, and the stormy blue of the ocean is only a stone’s throw away. With the outside streaming in, this only enhances Saltrams dreamy composition.  


The inclusion of oak features adds warmth and ensures that while the kitchen is a modern space it is grounded and understated, showing sensitivity to the natural beauty that is found just outside the home.  

Saltram Kitchen in Blue and White

The Finer Details

The careful combination of traditional and contemporary elements ensures an elegant equilibrium is reached, creating a serene setting. An extractor built into a canopy effectively hides away the ultra-modern appliance, however, it is done so with a contemporary touch of an engraved clock. The oak open island is another nod to this delicate merge of old and new. With the open oak structure being reminiscent of a table that could easily be found in an old farmhouse, this continues the traditional tone in a modern concept.

Elegance Saltram Kitchen Door
Elegance Saltram Kitchen Door Detail
Saltram Kitchen Painted Blue and White


Cockbead Inside, Chamfer Outside

Saltram offers a simple design which features a cockbead surrounding the door to emphasise and define. A chamfer is included on the outside edge of the frame, which softens the appearance through gently sloped edges.

Door Style:

Bubble Bead

With minimal, raised beading framing the inside panel of this door, this adds character to Saltram, creating a gentle, homely look.


Parisian Blue
& Brilliant White

Pictured here in Parisian Blue & Brilliant White, Saltram is available in the 27 shades of our colour palette, or alternatively can be colour matched to any hue you desire.

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Elegant Storage

We believe what's inside is just as important as the exterior, which is why we've made sure all storage options are as beautiful as they are functional. As every household has varying needs there are multiple storage solutions available, so your kitchen is integrated flawlessly
into the entire family's routine.

Dove Tail Kitchen Drawer Boxes
Coffee Centre for Kitchen Dresser Unit
Oak Cutlery Tray

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Each Elegance kitchen can feature dovetail drawer boxes. Every drawer box is constructed from solid timber, interlaced using dovetail joints. With the option of oak or walnut, the interior of each drawer is crafted and intricate.

Coffee Centre Unit

The usual frantic morning rush is forgotten with the introduction of this organised hub. Sleepy starts can be reimagined with a dresser designed to house all your favourite blends, a coffee machine and your favourite mugs. 

Oak Cutlery Trays

Made of oak or walnut, cutlery trays offer an organised and elegant way to separate and organise cutlery. Knife blocks are additionally available to be included as either part of a cutlery tray or for a separate drawer.

Xbox Wine Kitchen Storage
Integrated Chopping Boards and Trays
Curved Pantry Kitchen Unit

X-box Wine Storage

Some spaces can appear a challenge to make complete use of. One option is filling this space with fitted X-box wine storage to ensure kitchen space is fully utilised.

Oak Trays & Chopping Boards

A matching set, the chopping board and tray unit work as a unified pair, available in either oak or walnut. By insetting these into the cabinet, this further emphasises the ingrained practicality of the kitchen.

Curved Pantry Unit

Curved pantry units are perfect pantry cupboard options as they offer corner storage that doesn’t require any compromise on space. Not only this, the elegantly shaped unit adds an additional element of cultivation and refinement.

Elegance Colour Palette