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A modern and striking kitchen can be created with the merging of solid colours, textured woodgrains and moody stone effect Linden doors.

From industrial to Nordic, Linden Aluma can create endless styles with its flexibility in design and linear shape.

Linden Door - The Linden door is one of the most durable doors we offer. Combined with the ability to receive this door in Made-To-Measure sizes, Linden creates an extremely versatile kitchen.

Coloured Rails - To accentuate the design, coloured rails are available. Adding depth and focus to the kitchen, these rails are more than just practical.

Island Feature End Panels - Lindens Made-to-Measure properties allow extreme flexibility in design, enabling elements such as feature panels on islands to be included. Linden panels can be wrapped around corners, creating a more fluid look.

Horizontal/ Vertical Grain - In the Linden woodgrain doors and panels, the direction of the grain can be specified so you have the option of either horizontal or vertical grains.

Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg


Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg



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