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Contemporary kitchens such as the styles created with the Manston Aluma, celebrate modernity through the seamless tailoring of rooms to create a multi-functional space.

Busy lifestyles are making their impact on kitchen designs. All-encompassing rooms that function as a kitchen, workspace, social area and dining room are now a must, so doors such as Manston have stepped up to meet this with their seamless, unobtrusive design.

Coloured Rails - Coloured rails are available in this door style. The pop of colour adds another layer to the design, adding depth
and a point of interest.

Island Feature End Panels - Manston creates a fully encompassing design with its wrap around end panels available. This touch finishes off the seamless, uninterrupted look, perfecting the true handless style.

Stone Finishes - For new kitchen design ideas, consider choosing a stone-effect. These finishes create an unique look, perfect for those looking for a modern, statement kichen.

Manston Door - Versatile, strong and beautiful, the Manston door ticks every box.

Bespoke Kitchens – Manston kitchens can be made to fit the contours of your home, affording you completely free-reign in terms of design and function.

Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg


Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg



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