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Due to its genuine timber properties and narrow frames, Allercombe is the perfect choice when creating a space which is both charming and authentic. It produces an in-frame effect which is affordable but still caters to a classic, yet contemporary, design.

With Allercombe's Ash veneer centre panels it provides a sense of tradition with a smooth finish.

Storage - Seamless storage in your home can be difficult to achieve, but Allercombe can provide a neat and effective storage solution, whilst incorporating a social element through built-in seating units. These units ensure your space remains relaxed and homely.

Bar Unit - Home bars are a sure way to incorporate style and sophistication into your home. Being the most modern of our in-frame effect doors, Allercombe's narrow stiles ensure that your space is social and refined, whilst still adopting a classic feel.

Paint-to-Order - One of the most flexible attributes of our Allercombe door is that it can be completely customisable in terms of colours. With our Paint-to-Order service, you are able to choose from 32 stunning colours, allowing maximum creative freedom when designing any space.

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Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg



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