Brook embodies minimalism with its flowing, seamless design.
As a contemporary fitted kitchen, this design morphs into your space, creating a chic and urban look.

Dark Blue Kitchen
Brook is a kitchen that will unite seamlessly with any living space.

Choose from flawless, mirror-like gloss or silky matt finishes. Cool colours such as Stone, allow for bold walls and statement accessories.


As a handleless door, Brook takes away disruptive elements and is extremely functional in its minimal state.
    Curved Doors - With the inclusion of curved doors in the Brook range this allows for smooth transitions and a gentle look.

    Bold in Blue – Brook is simply stunning in Marine blue. Be bold and colour match your walls or select a pale hue for a striking contrast.

    Full Height Doors with Side Handle – Brook offers a side handle on its full height doors, allowing for unbroken lines and easy access.

    Letterbox Glazed doors - For a modern kitchen décor idea you can opt for letterbox glazed doors, which creates a fresh glimpse into your cabinets, staying in line with the minimal feel of the design.

Colour Palette

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