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Holne is a classic shaker door with a slight twist. Designed to have a gentle silhouette, the Holne door is versatile enough to form both classical and contemporary kitchens.

For home kitchen design ideas, the Holne door can be considered as it offers a visible wood grain, which can work to create a contemporary yet classic country kitchen.

Open Storage Island - By including open storage in islands, you can personalise your kitchen by storing crockery or pans. You can go even further by creating a mini library and stock your shelves up with literature of choice.

Plate Rack - For kitchen setup ideas an open plate rack installed in a wall unit is an option. This custom kitchen design keeps crockery easily at hand whilst creating a homely feature.

Dresser - Bespoke traditional kitchens can be created by including elements such as dresser units. With this style of shaker door, you are not limited to classic designs, and can include dressers in more modern settings dependant on stylisation.

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Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg



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