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Each door in a Rockbeare kitchen appears to be contained in its own individual frame, giving this stunning kitchen an elegant appearance.

Whilst Rockbeare is not an in-frame kitchen in the true sense, we challenge you to spy the difference simply by looking.

Modern In-frame – An in-frame kitchen doesn’t have to be traditional in appearance. Take this kitchen in Slate Blue; paired with modern appliances, black handles and encased in plain panels, it shuns any fuss and focuses on impact.

Overmantle – Whether your kitchen is already home to a fireplace or you are eager to create one, the Rockbeare Overmantle will create a beautiful focus point in any room. Pair with a range cooker and ceramic tiles for an authentic farmhouse feel.

Boot Rooms – If space allows, a boot room is a welcome and practical addition, keeping any mess and clutter away from general view.

Home Bar – Whatever your favourite tipple, the Rockbeare home bar can be customised to cater to your needs from various styles of drinking vessel to bottles, magnums and cocktail shakers!

Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg


Strada Matte Marine_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg



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