Silverton is modern and gentle, with a neutral and versatile colour palette carefully chosen to complement this kitchen style. A shaker door such as Silverton introduces a touch of modernity into any home, with its smooth finish and timeless design.

Shaker kitchen
With a gently bevelled design and smooth finish, Silverton is the perfect contemporary shaker door. This style offers a slim frame and a matt finish, making it an ideal choice for putting a modern spin on a farmhouse kitchen.


Silverton is a shaker door that shows off v-grooves and a smooth finish.
    Modern Design – Silverton features slim stiles and a smooth finish to enable contemporary designs.

    Enduring Design – The vinyl finish on Silverton makes these kitchens hard wearing.

    Neutral Colours – A beautiful collection of neutral shades define Silverton’s colour palette, making this kitchen highly compatible and easy to work with.

    Glazed Doors – Clear glass doors are available in Silverton, adding a decorative edge and providing the option to display cupboard contents.

Colour Palette

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