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Pots of Room in the Pantry

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Aesthetic and function – pantries and larders have it all. There isn’t much that they don’t offer, with their indeterminable depth and infinite design possibilities.

With a wide range of options available there is sure to be a larder that works in your kitchens aesthetic. From pantries to dynamic space larders, there is a design to suit each type of kitchen, whether it be classically designed or ultra-modern.


Options such as pantries are specially configurated by Quantum designers, so you can choose the section that would be best for your needs. With segments for spices, opportunities to personalise with engravings of your choice and plenty of spaces to compartmentalise, there is lots of scope. In addition to the bespoke design, oak internals included at every chance ensures the pantries understated elegance.

Walk-in Larders

For a more spacious option, walk-in corner larders are a great choice. They offer several benefits, including effectively using corner spaces, being large enough to comfortably store food items and are extremely accessible. To personalise this unit, a bespoke larder could be designed through your Quantum showroom to include additions such as a wine rack, to ensure that both food and drink are all contained in a dry, cool space.

Dynamic Space Larders

For modern designs, a more practical choice would be a dynamic pull out larder as they have a more contemporary look. Dynamic space larders are a great choice as they are extremely practical, allowing for each drawer to be fully extended to allow for a clear view of the contents.

For something so coveted, the simplicity of pantries and larders is truly where the beauty of them lies. To include a pantry or larder in your design, feel free to click the 'Find a showroom' tab above to get in touch with your nearest Quantum showroom.


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