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New Kitchen Colours

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We’re pleased to launch 17 new decors to our Origin and Aluma kitchen ranges. Read on to see the highlights and to understand the inspiration behind these new finishes.

Black is Back

Black is slowly feeling its way back into interior design but this time its appeal goes beyond monochrome. Here we combine two Manston door finishes - Matt Black and NEW Matt Pietra Grigia – to create a luxurious feel. The kitchen is kept cosy and inviting by the injections of wood and leather as well as warm spot lighting.

Black doesn’t need to be dark however. Mixing black cabinetry with white, patterned worktops and brass accessories means you can follow this trend whilst keeping your kitchen light and spacious.



Timelessly elegant, the appeal of marble is unlikely to fade. We’re pleased to introduce NEW Manston White Levanto Marble, which subtly emulates this beautiful material. With an understated Matt finish, this exciting new décor looks perfect with diamond-cut T-handles in gold and we’ve added Matt Fjord wall cabinets for additional colour.


Green Kitchens

Blue will certainly not be fading from the limelight just yet but joining it from the shadows is green in various guises.

Petrol is one of two vibrant additions to our Linden range. This rich turquoise shade is perfect for those seeking a quirky, eclectic kitchen and we think this kitchen shows this perfectly. Sitting alongside White Grey (another new shade) Petrol steals the show but without being overpowering. Walnut handles and Tobacco Gladstone Oak open shelving bring the two colours together to form a kitchen that is both fun and unique.


Industrial Design

Charcoal Flow and Concrete Flow are brand new stone finishes, both with a shallow texture that subtly catches the light in different areas. These two finishes work equally well together or paired with a solid matt hue. Stay monochrome with greys of any shade or experiment with a subtle green such as Linden Monument Grey or a pale pink like Bellever in Dry Rose.


Planked Wood

Linden Platinum Grange Oak is the lightest woodgrain in a family of three. Re-creating the look of planked wood, Platinum Grange Oak is rustic yet comfortable in a modern setting due to it's light hue. Seen here with ceramic tiles, a range cooker and iron-effect handles, Platinum Grange Oak encourages a farmhouse feel, especially with real timber accessories.

To find out how any one of these decors can fit seamlessly into your own home, speak to a designer at your nearest Quantum showroom. Here's where you can find them.


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