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Be Inspired by Colour

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Bubbling and full of life, the inside of a quaint country cottage kitchen reflects the bustle of energy found in the new growth of spring and the fruitful season of summer.

Bursting with colour, Saffron, Umber and Cornflower come together to create a vibrant kitchen. With the option of Paint-to-Order colours in the slab door of Bellever or the handleless style of Leigh, this kitchen can be designed with a modern spin. To create a contemporary kitchen that plays on traditional designs, the true handleless Wembury kitchen is a perfect choice when looking to incorporate a shaker kitchen whilst keeping a fresh feel to the design. This style works well with bright colours and a mix of old and new that defines such an eclectic space.

With fresh produce being brought in straight from the vegetable patch and mismatched ceramic mugs and crockery peering out from behind ajar doors, the kitchen is meant to be a relaxed, social environment.

Light wooden worktops can be used to keep the kitchen as bright and airy as possible or Linden Sand Gladstone Oak can be used alongside one of the Paint-to-Order colours as a more traditional country style option. A mix of patterned tiles can be used to create the perfect splash-back.

Featured doors:

Top right: Bellever Cornflower

Bottom right: Bellever Umber

Bottom left: Bellever Saffron

Background: Linden Sand Gladstone Oak


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