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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The combination of Lava and Carbon Marine Wood means mood lighting is essential. An array of colour can be found in furnishings and light from coloured glass, to ensure the space isn’t dulled.

Inspired by the exotic contrast of colours and strong, bright hues, we’ve thought of a space that allows for shots of colour to stand out in the rich and moody kitchen. The woodgrain of the Carbon Marine works well in its dark hue and visible texture, while Lava is a deep brown that doesn’t overpower. Rich golds and reds can be used to open the space up while terracotta brings warmth to the natural and cool shade of Lava.

With such understated colour themes, this opens the opportunity for lavish embellishment of the kitchen.

This decor can easily be achieved by blurring the lines between the kitchen and living area. Bench seating can be upholstered in bright materials and patterns, and mismatched chairs in varying colours all work well together, brightening the neutral kitchen. To add further points of interest, bright tiles or coloured glass can be used as a splash-back.

Featured doors:

Bottom left: Bellever Lava

Background: Linden Carbon Marine Wood


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