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A flattering colour, Dulux's Denim Drift complements a wide range of shades.

This dreamy blue would work particularly well with colours like Marine. For bolder options, Umber can be included to create a striking contrast.

With walls coated in dreamy Denim Drift, injected with the dark orange of Umber and surrounded by the deep blue of Marine, an eye-catching environment can be created. An island in a creamy white finish would aid in creating a bright centre point. By swapping out the dark Marine for a textured woodgrain like Linden White Halifax Oak, this can create a lighter space. Alternatively, a light woodgrain can be used as a worktop.

With a breakfast bar on the island, the busy kitchen is versatile and perfect for using as a dual living and eating space.

By including options like USB points built into the island, this forms a multi-functional area and is perfect when using small appliances or for charging phones or laptops. The strong contrast of colours can be perfect for modern builds, especially when looking to add an extra spark of personality.

Featured doors:

Top left: Holne Marine

Top right: Bellever Chalk

Bottom right: Bellever Umber

Bottom left: Colour Match Service Dulux Denim Drift

Background: Linden White Halifax Oak


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