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What is a True Handleless Kitchen?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

If you are looking to create a subtle, elegant design, this style of kitchen may just be the choice for you.

True handleless kitchens are characterised by their linear design and sleek aluminium rail recessed into the cabinets just above or to the side of the doors. This recess allows excellent purchase when opening them; a notable advantage in handleless designs, especially for those who lack dexterity.

As the design of this kitchen makes the need for handles redundant, kitchens of this style appear sleek, uncluttered and sophisticated.

You do, however, still have plenty of scope to give your kitchen personality; in addition to the original aluminium finish, Quantum offer rails in copper, bronze, graphite and white, allowing you to create striking combinations with your chosen door colours and textures.

There is a myriad of door styles to choose from in the Quantum Aluma brochure, our brochure dedicated purely to true handleless kitchens. For bright, bold colours look at door styles such as Bellever and Wembury, or if you would you rather go for an urban look, Linden offers 3 stunning concrete-effect doors that suit this theme perfectly.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, drop into your nearest Quantum showroom or download our brochure. Alongside lifestyle images, found throughout the brochure are mood boards, showing our favourite combinations of door styles and rail colours.

True handleless kitchens require design expertise due to the allowances needed for the rails themselves. It amounts to millimetres but even the slightest measurement difference must be accounted for. Quantum kitchen designers have the experience needed to ensure your kitchen is precisely tailored to your room. You can get in contact with your nearest dealer here.


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