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Be Inspired by the New Year

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We’re looking to the new year and the dusty rose hue that will be prominent throughout 2018. Heart Wood emanates warmth and comfort, with the dusky pink shade providing an opportunity to create a gentle hub for retreat.

By featuring a colour that is reminiscent of traditional tearooms, such as Heart Wood, we’ve re-imagined a kitchen space with all the quintessentially sugary, assuring elements of a vintage tea shop with a modern twist. To create a space that both insulates and allows for a nook to gather with friends and family, we’ve put together a few suggestions to create the perfect kitchen to cook and settle in with a steaming mug of tea.

Splash Dulux’s Heart Wood over your walls or integrate further into your kitchen by featuring it on kitchen doors using our Colour Match Service. Keep colours soft by pairing the blush shade with cashmere and light grey.

Manston matt doors can provide the perfect opportunity to ensure your sanctuary is maintained by bringing complementary textures into the fold, with silky smooth finishes. To include a woodgrain element into the mix, a washed-out style such as the Linden Cascina Pine is recommended, as its underlying rose tint is drawn out and complements the entire look.

To ensure this space doesn’t look outdated we recommend including metallic accessories. This can be achieved by including elements such as rose gold Edge Straight handles or including silver tiles for a splashback, to create a slinky, offbeat effect. To design a kitchen from these colour effects, visit one of the many Quantum showrooms spread throughout the South-West.


Background - Linden Cascina Pine

Top right - Manston Matt Cashmere

Left - Manston Matt Light Grey

Bottom Centre - Straight Edge Rose Gold Handle

Bottom Right - Dulux Heart Wood


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