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Be Inspired by Winter

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

While inspiration doesn’t traditionally come from the chill of winter, the cosy insulation created by warm ovens and steaming pans makes for an irresistible environment.

To duplicate this feeling, we recommend combining Lava and bold Hartforth Blue. These deep colours would work alongside a terracotta flooring, with the warm earthy orange drawing out pigments of the dark wintery colours which brighten the entire space.

Blue toned woodgrains such as Carbon Marine Wood can be used with the strong colours of Hartforth Blue and Lava, working together to create an area of rich colours that are subdued enough to work in coherence.

To ensure warmth is created within the space, further colours can be introduced by accessorising with a rustic wooden table and throws on furniture. With holidays surrounding this time of the year, extra warmth can be created through candlelight spilling across surfaces and festive colours decorating the living areas, ensuring further pops of colour.

To design a kitchen from these colour effects, visit one of the many Quantum showrooms spread throughout the South-West.


Background - Linden Carbon Marine Wood

Top right - Bellever Matt Hartforth Blue

Bottom Left - Bellever Matt Lava


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